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Systems Integration

The best IT solutions are a created through integrating a number of components including hardware, networking and various software products. 

System integration is a seamless and cohesive coming together of all components that work in tandem. At TFX, we have an expertise in understanding the unique requirements of clients. Our varied experience in education and IT enables us to provide integrated solutions that result in trouble free functioning of the hardware, networking and software components in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The need for system integration:

  • System integration ensures that all the hardware, software and networking components work together without issue.

  • As and when new applications or versions are implemented, they are properly integrated with the current applications to work seamlessly.

  • Should business rules, operating procedures and transaction mechanisms change, system integration ensures that the applications allow easy implementation of the changes.

  • Proper system integration ensures that all transactions are processed in a real-time environment with no time lags or latency.

  • Through system integration local and remote sites can be coordinated to work through a unified system.

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