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Professional Development

An informed technology user is a happy technology user, our technical staff are skilled in explaining complex concepts in a language the layman is able to understand.

We don't speak technobabble and provide professional development to individuals or groups as and when required.

Amongst our PD offerings are the following:

  • Introduction to iPadOS 14 for Education

  • Introduction to iPadOS 14 Administration

  • Introduction to iPadOS 14 Deployment

  • MacOS Monterey Basics

  • Mobile Device Management Essentials for Education

  • Accessibility Essentials for Education

  • Environment Essentials for Education

  • Apple Services Essentials for Education

  • Introduction to Apple School Manager

  • Application of Augmented Reality in Education

  • Apple Books for Education

  • IT Troubleshooting Techniques

  • We also offer custom PDs tailored to your specific needs

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